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Contacting a property agent to discuss selling your biggest asset can be unnerving. 

Let me put your mind at ease by detailing the process when you contact me about selling your property in Singapore.


When you get in touch about selling your property, I’ll schedule a convenient time to visit your property and discuss your needs with you and any co-owners. 

At this point, I only need your property address and occupancy status (vacant, tenanted or owner-occupied). 

While we can have a general phone chat, meeting in person is crucial. It allows for a more productive conversation.

My goal for the visit is simple. I want to understand your needs and ensure you walk away with valuable information, even if you ultimately decide not to engage my services. 


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Q1. How much can my property fetch?


Sometimes, I’m asked this question even before I see the property.

I understand why the interest in the answer. 

But I need to see the property to give a more accurate assessment.

Two properties that look identical on the outside can look vastly different on the inside, and their valuations can vary greatly.

And if we are talking about landed houses, there are even more variables to look at and consider.


On the day of our appointment, there’s no need to go out of your way to tidy up your property, as I usually don’t take photos during the first visit.

We will start by taking a tour of your place. This is the time for you to share more details & features of your property with me. 

I’ll assess your property from a buyer’s perspective during the house tour.

Why do I do this?


Understanding the buyer’s perspective is crucial to a successful sale. By putting myself in their shoes, I can guess the questions that they will have.

We can then adapt our approach to tackle these questions and increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

What would I need from you?

Your permission to provide an honest assessment of your property when we sit down for a chat later on.


We will discuss your reasons for wanting to sell.

Over the years, I’ve encountered multiple instances where I discovered, upon serious discussion with the sellers, that selling was not the best option for various reasons.

If you shouldn’t be selling, I would advise you not to. I’ll help you explore possible alternatives instead.

If selling is still the right thing to do, I will share my honest assessment of your property and how I expect most buyers to judge it.


After sharing the buyer’s perspectives with you, we will discuss the optimal sale price to target in the current market.

The discussion on the optimal sale price will be based on your property’s attributes (like view, layout, condition etc), the research I’ve done and my assessment of the real estate market.

Getting the price right is the most crucial factor for a successful sale. The price is something both of us have to agree upon. 


I’ll outline my plan to effectively market your property and drive demand to achieve the agreed-upon price. After discussing the terms of engagement, I’ll give you and your co-owners ample time to decide whether to appoint me to handle the sale. 

Selling a house is a big decision. There will be no time pressure for you to decide.

This goes against what is taught in sales. However, I simply don’t believe in pressuring someone into engaging me. Because I don’t like it when it happens to me.

Take the time you need to consider.

I reiterate—the purpose of the visit is to understand your needs and share my views with you, not to get a contract signed.

Work with me only if what I share makes sense and you are comfortable with me

And you trust me.


Q2. How long will it take to sell my property?


Again, I understand why the question.

I wish I could make bold claims like “3 days! 1 week!”.

However, the truth is that it depends on a combination of factors.


The higher the price, the smaller the pool of buyers who can afford it.

The bigger the pool of buyers, the better the chances of securing a deal.


What is the competition like?

How many comparable properties are on sale right now?

At what prices?


Is there general and consistent demand for the particular property type?

At what rate are similar properties sold every year?


This point affects a few things.

(a) Is it easy to access the property for viewing?

Scheduling viewings for tenanted properties is usually more challenging. Opportunities will be lost if arranging a viewing is perpetually difficult. 

This can happen if the tenant (or occupier) is perpetually overseas or if the property is only available for viewing at odd times.

(b) A tenanted property may be less attractive in a market where most buyers buy to stay.

(c) If the property is occupied and cluttered, we couldn’t present it in the best possible state.

This, in turn, affects the price the property could fetch.

The standard CEA agreement has a validity period of three months.

I can’t promise the moon, but I endeavour to secure a buyer for your property as soon as possible.


When you’re ready to proceed, I’ll revisit your property to take photos that present it in the best possible light.

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Q3. How can I best prepare my property for the photo taking & viewing?


When we first meet, I will pass you a copy of my curated seller’s guide.

I’ll guide you on presenting your property optimally and creating an excellent viewing experience for potential buyers.


I’m known for my friendly, easy-going nature and professionalism, as evidenced by the testimonials from my satisfied clients.

Persistent, honest, and hardworking – Jack is everything you’d want in a property agent.

He committed to getting our house sold at the highest possible price in a sluggish market, and never pressured us to release the property quickly.

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Feel free to read about my real estate journey.

Contact me when you’re ready to experience my competent and friendly service firsthand.

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Q4. How often will you provide updates on the progress of the sale?


I believe in keeping my clients well-informed throughout the selling process.

You can expect regular updates on marketing efforts, buyer inquiries, and feedback from viewings.

The frequency of updates will depend on the level of activity and your preferred communication method, but I’ll ensure you’re always kept in the loop.


Before we wrap up, I thought it would be fun to share some behind-the-scenes insights into my work as a property agent.

These trivia points showcase the diverse and sometimes unexpected situations I encounter in the real estate world.

  • My fastest sale was closed within 15 minutes of the first viewing, while my longest took 12 months.
  • I’m equally comfortable selling HDB flats, private condominiums or landed houses.
  • During the COVID-19 circuit breaker, I was appointed and sold a resale property under unreal circumstances. I didn’t get to see the property, the seller, or the buyer in person. Viewing was done via video call. The courier witnessed the signatures & delivered the OTP while I stayed at home.
  • There have been instances where I had to close sales transactions past midnight and immediately deliver the contracts and cheques to the parties involved.
  • I’ve conducted property viewings as early as 7 am to accommodate buyers’ schedules.
  • One buyer viewed a landed house I was marketing six times before committing to the purchase. Will you run out of patience if you were the seller? 🙃
  • The longest viewing I hosted lasted nearly two hours. My efforts paid off, as the buyer issued a cheque at the end of the viewing. Very chill seller who left his home to me and went to play badminton with his wife 🏸
  • Some property agents find it awkward to sell their own homes. I’ve been appointed sole agent to sell homes belonging to fellow property agents.
  • Other than Singaporeans, I’ve sold houses belonging to Chinese, Swiss, German & British nationals.
  • The most unusual selling request I’ve received? A shophouse that was operating a legal brothel.
A rare property hits the market
A once-in-a-blue-moon property hits the market
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