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Are you looking to find a tenant for your residential property in Singapore?

Let me walk you through engaging my services and what you can expect.

  • Please note that I don’t handle Singapore room rentals or overseas property rentals.


Do you have ready tenants?


One of the most common questions from landlords (contacting me for the first time) is whether I have “ready tenants” for their property.

Let me give you some context.

Some property agents in Singapore focus solely on helping tenants find suitable properties, often through agreements with corporate HR departments. 

We call them tenant-based agents.

While these agents may have “ready tenants”, there’s no guarantee that your property will meet their specific requirements. More often than not, it’s a mismatch.

I’m not a tenant-based agent.

Although I help tenants on and off when my schedule allows, helping them search for rental properties isn’t my core business. 

I’m a landlord-based agent. In the rental part of my real estate work, I help my landlords find suitable tenants.

I won’t have a ready tenant for these landlords 99% of the time. 

If there isn’t a “ready tenant” for your property, don’t worry. 

Most of the tenanted properties in the market weren’t rented out to “ready tenants”.

We will implement an active marketing strategy to attract prospective tenants and agents.

  • advertising on paid property portals
  • setting up 360 degrees virtual tours (when applicable)
  • outreach to tenant-based agents

This proven process will make tenants & other property agents come calling.

This approach is far more effective than calling agents individually to ask if they have “ready tenants”.


I’ll arrange a convenient time to visit the property and assess its current state. 

It also helps me to describe the property accurately to interested tenants.

What are the factors that will affect the rental price?

  • Singapore’s current rental market conditions & the competition
  • The condition & appeal of your property
  • The location & accessibility
  • Built-in furniture (better not to have) & furnishings

Based on my assessment, I’ll suggest a realistic rental price and advise on any improvements that could help attract tenants. 

What kind of improvements?

It depends on the current state of your property. These are some of the most common improvements:

  • fresh coat of paint
  • regrouting the bathroom
  • changing out rusted fixtures

I’ll take photos once your property is ready and market the unit.

  • Should you furnish the unit before marketing the unit for rental?

Not necessary. Let’s wait and see if the tenant requires furnishing.


Throughout the marketing process, I’ll do my best to assess if the tenant will make a good tenant – the way they communicate, the vibe they give and online references.

To me, a good tenant is:

  • fair & reasonable
  • prompt with rental payment
  • helpful with viewing requests
  • responsible & takes care of the unit

However, my assessment can only be confirmed when the tenant starts the lease. The final confirmation happens only when the tenant returns the unit at the end of the lease.

When an acceptable offer is received, I’ll assist you in negotiating the terms of the tenancy agreement. I will also do the necessary checks on their immigration passes to ensure everything is proper at the same time.

Once the agreement is signed and the necessary payment is made, we’ll address tenant requests, prepare the inventory list, and arrange the unit handover.

  • Do you need to be present during the handover?

That’s entirely up to you. 99% of my landlords don’t show up during the handover. 


I’ll tell you when we meet.


As your property agent, I view our relationship as a partnership built on trust, fairness, and open communication.

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered some landlords purposely out to exploit their tenants through me.

Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.


Taking advantage of others is unacceptable to me, and I won’t hesitate to drop the case in situations like this. Thankfully, most of the landlords I work with are fair and reasonable.

If you’re ready to find a tenant for your Singapore property, contact me today.

  • Until 31 Dec 2026, eligible HDB and private properties (90sqm+) can have up to 8 occupants, thanks to a temporary occupancy cap relaxation. Apply now to take advantage of this temporary increase.

Jack is someone who is professional and very efficient in his real estate work.

He is someone I can safely rely on to handle my Singapore properties.

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